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FAQs About Internet Dating
by Susan Dunn

If you’re interested in meeting new people to date, the Internet match services are a great new option. The number of people joining them is staggering.

If you’re new to the experience, here’s an FAQ for you:

Q: How can I be sure he’s not married? How can I be sure she’s not a felon?

A: The bottom line – there are no guarantees about this or anything else in life. Unfortunately, deceptive people are good at deception and you can’t always tell.

With time, experience and common sense you can pick up on the “red flags” earlier. In your favor is the fact that people tend to reveal more with the anonymity of the Internet than in real life.

From experience, I can tell you it’s likely you’ll be able to tell by their language and by their questions. They “spill.” For tips, email me for my free white paper, “How to Tell if the Man You’re Dating is Married.

Q: How can I avoid alcoholics and addicts?

A: Again only time will tell, but here’s one tip. When the person checks “don’t drink”, this is a yellow flag, not a green light. Find out WHY they “don’t drink”.

Q: Do websites screen applicants?

A: The good news is that some say they do. The bad news is they do it by requiring all registrants give their social security number. This will limit selection as many good single folks aren’t willing to put their social security numbers on the Internet.

Q: There are so many websites. What sites should I register on?

A: Use your EQ to make the selection. Intuitively, when you go the site it will appeal to you or not. On one site, people sign in as “SeXy Fox” and “ReadyWillingAndAble”. On another, they use their first names, “Sam” or “Martha.” Which is the one for you? Are you after a man who leads with “Italian Stallion” or simply uses his name?

Is someone who calls himself “C” hiding something or too “closed” for your tastes? The way the sites phrase their questions can alert you to style as well.

Q: What type of person uses these sites?

A: Everyone’s using the sites, but it’s especially well-suited for introverts. The normal progression is website, to normal email, to telephone calls to meeting in person. Introverts like a slow get-to-know-you.

If you like introverts, you’ll find more of them on Internet dating sites than in local bars and social groups. Extraverts tend to jump steps in the process. Extraverts you can meet out and about.

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