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FAQs About Internet Dating
by Susan Dunn

Do you want someone who tells you right away they’re an alcoholic in recovery or have been divorced 3 times or have a $300,000 home in the Bahamas? Their pace of revealing both their strengths and faults should match your tastes. Are they lying? Is she desperate and needy? Only time will tell. Take your time.

Q: What if it doesn’t work out when we meet in person?

A: Sometimes it won’t. If you’re mostly motivated by appearance and “chemistry,” it can be a shock.

Everyone’s going to put their best photo on the Internet and some people are more photogenic than others. If you’re more after internal qualities, those you will have experienced and they should still be there.

Plan your meeting so there’s an easy escape-route. If they’re in your town and you meet for lunch, how long can an hour be? If you meet in San Francisco for a weekend, even if you don’t hit it off for romance, you can still have a good time and part amicably.

Q: Is it just for weirdos?

A: Not at all. I know personally people who met and married through an Internet dating service. It’s confusing at first but you’ll hit the learning curve. Internet dating is a viable option in today’s world. There are plenty of good people using the sites.

They may live in rural locations, have little time to get out, prefer to get to know someone in writing, or any number of legitimate reasons. If you’re serious about dating, why not try all options? Use your head and good luck!

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