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Advice about joining an online dating site
Searching the web for a dating or personals site can leave one very confused. There are millions of dating sites listed on the Internet.

Online dating - needle in a haystack?
No doubt about it, Internet dating has become a unique part of modern love. In fact, in New York, Internet dating has become so popular that it is now simply called ‘partner shopping’ or ‘hyper dating’.

Meeting Your Online Date For The First Time
You have exchanged emails, been chatting online for a while or even spoke on the phone. You have some sort of a .

Pen Pal Romance
We have all heard the wonderfully romantic stories of pen pals that wrote to each other for years without meeting because .

The Internet has become the hot new place for smart, eligible people to find romance, and those looking for love are swarming into cyberspace...

What to Expect When You Are Dating Online
When it comes to online dating, it's a lie when someone claims, "I have no expectations."  Deep down, we know we all expect

Write a Better Online Personal Ad
If you are going to invest time or money in using a matchmaking website, you should really pay some attention to writing a profile that will get you some responses.

FAQs About Internet Dating
If you’re interested in meeting new people to date, the Internet match services are a great new option. The number of people joining them is staggering...

How To Choose a Dating Service  
There are so many dating sites out there, hundreds if not thousands, how do you even begin to decide where to 

What can I get free when looking for dating personals?
Free Personality Quizzes and Profiling What is this? This means that the dating site offers a free questionnaire


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