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Why Online Dating is Better than Dating in the Real World 
by Marc de Jong

The great thing about email is it's inbuilt paradox. It can be very personal and intimate, but still it's anonymous, because you use a 'third party', your computer, to express your thoughts and feelings. With no direct listener you can come to the point.

And the great thing is: most people are easily touched by a personal letter. A letter also gives them time to react, while a live conversation requires immediate answer, which can be an obstacle when you are overwhelmed by emotion.

There are people who regard online dating as unnatural. Well, then tell me what IS natural? There was a time when bars and disco's were just as new as the Internet.

There are countries where bars and disco's do not exist, even in the 21st century. And what is natural about joining a singles club and go out bowling with people who are only rating each other's looks?

I may be romantic, but I think the man or woman of your dreams might well be living somewhere else, on a place where you haven't looked yet. It can be your neighboring city, or an almost deserted island in the Pacific.

But thanks to your computer you can find him.

Or find her.

Go for it.

About the Author: 
Marc de Jong is a journalist and professional writer. Together with his wife he runs a few websites in the dating industry, among which http://www.network-love.com

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