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My Online Dating Tip for Woman

 by Ben Ehinger

Are you trying to find a man that is worth your time online?

Are you sick of meeting losers that are only after one thing?

Do you want to be loved for who you are and not how quickly you will put out? Here is my online dating tip for a woman.

Women only need to remember one thing about online dating. Be completely honest from the beginning.

There is a reason why you must be honest. You cannot lie because if you lie or mislead a man he will find out and run.

Your profile must be honest and your picture cannot be misleading. The best type of picture to use is a full body shot in clothing that is not revealing, but is also not baggy or hiding anything.

When women fool men into thinking that they look different than they really do, it does not help, and chances are the man will run.

There are men out there that like all different types of women, so get over your hang ups on looks and just show your true self.

I am not trying to convince you that you must tell a man each and every thing about you right off the bat. When the man wants to know he will ask.

At that point you can tell him and there is no real reason to reveal the information before hand.

You want to be honest, but also give the man a chance to get to know you over time.

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