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Write a Better Online Personal Ad
by Tracy Brant

If you are going to invest time or money in using a matchmaking website, you should really pay some attention to writing a profile that will get you some responses.

People will not be interested in emailing you if you do not do something to make yourself stand out from the masses of people using personal ads. I administer several dating websites. People frequently write in saying, "I never get any replies to my ad."

And when I go look at the ad, I find that they have not filled out the profile, or added a photo. Who can tell if they want to email you if there is no information?

Not quite as bad, but still ineffective, is a profile that says, "Email me for details" or "looking for a nice person." You can't bother to write a paragraph to find the love of your life? Or even a fun date for the weekend?

Here are some guidelines for writing effective personal ad blurbs:

INVESTMENT. Decide that this is worth spending some time on, or don't bother. You wouldn't submit a sloppy resume, would you?

This is about making a good first impression, because there will be no second chance once someone clicks to the next ad.

MARKETING. You are marketing yourself... trying to stand out in a crowd. You are the "product." and the people you want to meet are your customers. Think about who you want to meet, and then think about who THEY want to meet!

How can you tell them that YOU are the person they want to meet?

Magazine ads, for example, grab your attention, make you laugh, they make you think "wow, what a great thing... I want to buy it."

They can be short, but pack a punch. If they are long, they tell a good story. Marketers test their different ad campaigns, and you should, too.

Try placing different ads to see what gets you a better result.


Before you log in anywhere, do some thinking and writing. Don't wait until you are faced with a blinking cursor to write your blurb.

Give serious thought to how you will describe yourself and the person you hope to find. Write at least two paragraphs, one about yourself, and one about the person you seek.

Ask someone you trust to read those paragraphs and comment on how well they reflect who you are and what you want. Save that text to cut and paste into dating website forms. Have a digital photo or two ready.


Use your username... don't be Bob3456... be PaintBallPrincess or SecretSuperHero or something else that reflects your sense of humor and yourself.

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