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Write a Better Online Personal Ad
by Tracy Brant

If the ad allows you a "subject line" also use that well... "Need woman in Atlanta" doesn't cut it. "Atlanta man on a mission" sounds more interesting.

"Atlanta Knight seeks his Queen" tells a different story about who you are seeking. Use your username and subject line to hook people into your ad. Use humor, drama, a funky metaphor.

Then, like any good ad, you want to show them you are what they need, show them why you are unique, and invite them to take action... by emailing you!


Write in complete sentences. Spelling and grammar DO count. We have modern tools to help with that. You want to look like you find this task important enough to spell out the words.

Unless you are 15 years old, writing "If u r inrested n me, wrt 2 me" makes you LOOK 15 years old.

ALL CAPS IS LIKE SHOUTING... don't. It is actually harder to read.


If you are not honest with yourself and others, you will not find happiness in the personals.

Are you married?

You know, people CAN figure that out and will resent the lie more than the wedding ring. Without making any value judgments, putting down "married" will not necessarily stop you from finding matches.

If you are just looking for a casual date, don't imply that you are looking for marriage just to get more email... it wastes everyone's time.

If you are looking for a long-term thing, don't think you can "convince" a casual date to spend more time with you.

You are asking for disappointment. Try completing this sentence: "In a year, I'd like to see us doing...."


Guys, I see many you making a crucial mistake in your profiles. You will find that women are seldom looking for a "no strings relationship."

There simply is no such thing... if it is a relationship, it has strings of SOME sort. If you don't want strings, you are looking for an escort service.

Women of any description can find casual physical relationships without lifting a finger to a keyboard. Don't lie, but think about which "strings" are okay with you.

"Seeking Torrid Summer Romance" is fine and honest. So is, "I am not eager to move in or get married. I want to have a regular date for parties and cookouts with my friends. " Ladies, this counts for you, too.

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