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Write a Better Online Personal Ad
by Tracy Brant



Exploring new interests?

These are things that matter. Talk about what is important in your life.

"I am established in my career and now turning my attention to the great books I never had time to read." "I moved to this state for a job after college, and I am looking for dates with a lot of outdoors-loving friends to help me build a sporty new social circle."


Listing ALL your favorite things is dizzying.. Choose one good example and talk about why you like it. Choose something that gives the reader an insight into what you enjoy.

You want people to be able to spot things you have in common, but also feel that there is something new and interesting to learn about you. Interest them in learning more with a "teaser" about something

fascinating about you. Ask a question for them to answer in the reply email.


Never... NEVER include your last name, phone number or address. Observe the rules of the various websites... some do not allow you to post web addresses or email addresses. Many prohibit crude language or sexual references. Getting your ad removed by breaking rules is a waste of time.

So... let your personality be shown in a tasteful way, take the time to do a good job, and have a good photo. Those things alone will put you far ahead of the misspelled anonymous pack. Best of luck!

About the Author:  Tracy Brant is a freelance writer and an editor at She can be contacted at is an exciting online community for singles, couples and romance lovers. has romantic resources, advice, poetry, greeting cards, and more. also features specialty matchmaking services. Whether you are looking for a soulmate or a playmate, visit

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