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The Top 10 Ways Keep Passion Relationship
by Philip E. Humbert

8. Be generous.

I’ve saved the best for last. After a survey of dozens of couples, the big 3 items that showed up over and over began with "give little gifts".

Surprise each other with flowers, candy, a card, cruise last minute, or other gift. Do it often.

Do it for no particular reason. Do it because you love each other and thought it would be nice to show it with a gift.

9. Be available.

The second of the "big 3" was "take time for each other". Schedule time to walk and talk, go for drives in the country, go to dinner and see a romantic movie together.

Dozens of couples ranked time together as the most critical component in keeping romance and passion alive.

10. Be physical.

This is about sensuality perhaps more than sexuality.

Couples talked about the importance of scents, of candles and flowers and walks on the beach.

They talked about making love, but mostly they talked about back rubs and holding hands, and creating memories.

They talked about getting dressed up and going out, and they talked about skinny-dipping.

They talked about being playful and finding their own way.

You can do this!

Someone has said, "Life is what happens while you were making other plans."

Romance is about real life, not about dreams and fantasies of the perfect partner, someday on a Pacific island.

Romance and passion are about taking time to enjoy the company of the person you love.

Have fun.

Do it today!

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