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The Secret of Creating Lifetime Romance
by Michael Skowronski

Rather than defend myself I said to Sheila, “These things have no bearing on this incident. In fact we have already sorted them out. Please, let’s go and enjoy a nice meal together.”

I continued to hold the thoughts of good times with Shelia. It was not even an hour later that the whole energy between us changed. We had a very nice and romantic connection for the rest of the day.

Things like this used to cause us many hours or even days of disconnection. I am certain that the shift I made in my energy made the difference in this case.

So often people think that the romance in their life is due to the things they do. I know it is easy to believe this.

However, if your actions are not in alignment with your thoughts and feelings then you are only wasting your energy and cutting yourself off from your Source.

There are many books that teach you how to rekindle the love you once knew. They are full of great techniques and ideas.

These are very helpful, but the actions you take must be inspired actions; inspired by the love and appreciation you have for your partner. So keep seeking out those things to admire and appreciate in your partner and in yourself.

About the Author:
Michael Skowronski is a spiritually oriented Life Coach and Counselor. He offers the free “Walk On Water” ezine and sells the “Facts of Life” ecourse from his http://gr8wisdom.com website. Michael also offers Teleclasses and an Apprenticeship Group. Please email comments or questions to Michael@gr8Wisdom.com

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