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DANCE for Romance

Romance is a human endeavor that is always seeking fulfillment.

It can bring us tremendous joy or devastating pain.

Most of us feel the joy, but some will suffer pain from their Romantic Relationship.

We generally hate to be alone in a world of unpredictable circumstances.

So we consciously or unconsciously seek a partner who can fill this need.

Where can one go to find the person who might be right?.

We all know there are a variety of places that one can go to attain this goal, such as, Clubs, Church, Social Groups, Parties, Political and Religious Groups, Dating Services, Dancing Establishments, Work Places, and many other situations where people gather.

Even when one is Grocery Shopping or at the Laundromat.

Who knows where Mr. or Miss or Ms. Right will be?

With all these various places mentioned above, it is logical to assume that one of the best and most convenient places to find a variety of the opposite sex is at a Social Dance.

At these Dance Activities it is quite easy to meet new people, because almost everyone is vulnerable, as the atmosphere of music, hilarity, conversation, and the general feeling of relaxation, seems to diminish our inhibitions.

In this emotional state it is usually easy to start a conversation with someone we have met for the first time.

After dancing for over 50 years, and still going strong, I find the following Tips can help lead to the Romance you may be looking for:

1. If you cannot dance, join a dance Class and learn a few simple dance patterns. Some are free or very inexpensive.

2. Find the Best Places to Dance, such as: Dance Ballrooms, Social Clubs, Night Clubs, and best of all, Dance Clubs.

3. Dress Attractive and Neat.

4. Keep Cool and be Courteous

5. Men; if you have fear of asking a woman to dance, take the Risk, it will pay off.

You may get turned down, but never become Discouraged. Ask if you can come back later, and if OK, go back.

Most women are not rejecting you, they may just wish to converse with another friend for awhile and will be receptive a little later. go back.

6. Women; In this day and age, it is alright to ask a man to dance if you want to, as you may not want to sit and wait too long for someone to ask you.

Some Men need to be coaxed a little to get going.

7. Dance to slow Romantic Music if possible; the best way to get acquainted quickly. But Dance to other music also. Keep the ball rolling.

8. When you find the Woman or Man of your Dreams, arrange to meet again, make a Date, Telephone, Write, or whatever it takes.

"What You DO,"is "What You GET."

 Article taken from book;

"How to Live to 83 Plus, Dance,Dance,Dance"

About the Author:
 Mel Ross,
Many years as Dance Instructor West Coast Swing, Competitive Dancer, winner of 13 Dance Awards at age 82 & 83. Love Ballroom and Swing Dancing.