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14 Feng Shui Tips to Create Romance and Passion in your life
by Vicky White

Your bedroom is where you're renewed, energized and romantic.

It's your sanctuary. Your bedroom will affect your prosperity, relationships and well-being. Everything is connected.

Whether you're looking for a new relationship or looking to enhance an existing one, these tips will set the scene.


1. Create an inviting sanctuary

What is your bedroom saying?

Does it reflect who you are, and set the scene for the relationship you want, or is it a room you don't think too much about because you only sleep - or try to sleep there. Want more to happen in there?


2. Let go of past associations 

You are affected by the energy of everything in your surroundings. Does your furniture remind you of the past? Do you have photos of past partners?


Let go of anything you don't want to bring into your present or upcoming relationship.


3. Make your bed the primary feature

What's in your bedroom with you? Exercise equipment, desk, computer?

This energy will conflict with the purpose of the bedroom - serenity, romance and renewal. If necessary, use a screen to separate these different functions.


4. Remove the television from your bedroom

A television will affect your relationships, and your sleep. The television is a more vibrant, yang energy, which can make it less relaxing for sleep, and take your attention away from your partner.


5. Position your bed

The ideal bed position is as far away from the door as possible, and with a clear view of the door from where you lie.

If you cannot see the door easily, this will set up an unconscious vulnerability that will affect the quality of your sleep and other aspects of your life. A solid headboard will support a strong relationship.


6. Who are you sleeping with?

Your bed holds the energy of anyone who has slept in it. Support the beginning of a new life with someone by replacing your bed. And, considering you spend a third of your life in bed, invest in the best possible.


7. Don't let Clutter Bog You Down! 

Clutter affects all areas of your life more than anything else, and your bedroom is no exception. Clutter here will be affecting your health,

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