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14 Feng Shui Tips to Create Romance and Passion in your life
by Vicky White

your prosperity, and both existing and potential relationships. Clutter will prevent you from creating your dreams.

Don't underestimate the importance of clearing your closet. Clients report this gives them an immediate increase in energy and improved feelings about themselves. Give away anything that doesn't make you feel your best.

One client found herself writing her autobiography after procrastinating for 4 years. The more you express of yourself, the better your chance of having a relationship that works for you.

Clutter is anything unfinished, unused, unresolved, tolerated, or disorganized. So, this could be physical clutter, or unresolved issues with your partner or an ex partner.

8. Get a fresh perspective on your art

Art work is a powerful enhancement in creating your life.  If you're a single woman, having a picture of a lonely woman walking along the beach will not be helping you create someone new in your life.

Make sure your art is sending the right messages. Position images of pairs of things in your bedroom and relationship areas of your home.

9. Make space for a relationship

One client set the intention for a new relationship in her life, and made space for it by making space in her closet and in her bathroom for the person who would come into her life.

She added a second pillow on the bed. Within a very short time she was in a new relationship.

Set your bedroom up for two if you want to create a relationship. Have matching bedside tables and lamps. 

What represents romance to you? Have pairs of things such as two dolphins, two roses, two candles.

10. Nurture your number one relationship - the one with yourself. Are you being the person your ideal partner or your existing partner will fall in love with?

Are you fully expressing your unique gifts? Nurture yourself with your favorite scented candles, music and sensual fabrics.

11. Think back What did you allow yourself to do while in love? Allow yourself to be that person and do those things. Get in the mood.

Write poetry, be wildly sexual, say no to invitations you would rather not accept. Indulge your senses. Treat yourself as the god or goddess you are, the one your partner falls in love with.

12. In the heat of love, what are the things you allow yourself to believe about yourself?

That you are beautiful, desirable, treasured? You are still that person. If it’s a stretch to think of yourself in this way, act 'as if'.

13. Add fresh flowers

Fresh flowers give life to your bedroom, and are a wonderful treat for yourself. Make sure to discard them when they begin to wilt.

14. Always celebrate the love you have in your life, whether its with a partner, friends or family

About the Author:
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