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Feng Shui for Singles: How to Attract New Love to Your Life
by Kathryn Weber

•If the NW/SW corner has a toilet:

Make sure this room has a mirror in it. Keep the door closed. You can also try the following remedies of placing a heavy rock in the NW toilet, and candles and red objects in the SW toilet. DO NOT make the mistake of putting candles or red objects in the NW or a stone in the SW because this will make things much, much worse!

•If the NW/SW has a kitchen:

In the NW, this is a very bad placement. Kitchens in the NW are not good. You can try to add stones here, such as geodes, or whatever strikes your fancy. You can also paint this room a beige color.

This will help strengthen the NW energy with the earth element of the beige color. Avoid water or fire elements in the NW kitchen as these hurt the precious NW energy.

In the SW, add pairs of objects here, such as setting a place for two at the table, even if there is only one dining! You can also had a stone object here or paint the kitchen beige to add more “earth” energy.

2.Tap your personal marriage and romance direction.

Orient the bed or sleep with your head pointing in your marriage and family direction based on your kua number.

Move your desk to face this direction (although, you should make sure you do not ever have your back to the door). Eat facing this direction, and enter doors from this direction.

Here are the orientations for both men and women:

Number Orientation 1South 2Northwest 3Southeast 4East 5Northwest (male) West (female) 6Southwest 7Northeastearth/fire 8West 9North

Besides using the doors according to your kua number, sitting, eating, and sleeping, you will also want to energize the corresponding areas in your living room.

3. Fake it until you make it.

Make your bedroom appear as if a couple lived in it. So be sure to decorate it in a gender-neutral manner (no fussy flowers and pastels or severely masculine rooms).

Make sure there are pairs of lamps (one on either side of the bed), and pairs of objects in the bedroom.

Put lots of romantic images in here!

Display pictures or figurines that say romance to you. Pictures of couples kissing, holding hands, anything to “inspire” your loving feelings.

Some people intentionally remove any pictures of romance because they don’t want to be reminded that they are lonely.


You need to be reminded and inspired because it will work to activate you more to seek out a new partner.

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