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Feng Shui for Singles: How to Attract New Love to Your Life
by Kathryn Weber

4. Activate the “man” and “woman” in your space. You should activate your home, your bedroom, your garden, your desk, and your office, and any other space you occupy to increase the influence of the NW and SW energies.

FOR WOMEN ONLY: To activate the “MAN” area (NW) in your space:

Desk: Put a phone or fax here, add a radio, or put the computer on this corner of your desk, place a picture of a handsome man here, or add a moving metal sculpture; (metal pendulum clocks are great).

Home/Living Room: Put your television or stereo in the NW sector (unless it is the bedroom). Or, you can put manly objects in this area if it is your bedroom.

Objects such as books a man might read (or your ideal man would read!), the sports page, or a picture of a handsome man (or men? Chippendale’s calendar, maybe?) in this location is good.

Bedroom: A CD player with romantic music that you listen to nightly would be wonderful in a NW corner of the bedroom.

Yard: Place a shepherd’s hook here and hang a wind chime on it. Anything metal would be excellent here.

Office: Gold wind chime with a fan gently blowing to make it tinkle softly. This is also a good idea in the living room.

FOR WOMEN AND MEN: Remember, both women and men want to activate the SW corner of their homes, bedrooms, living rooms, offices, and desks! That’s because the SW corresponds to romance, marriage, and women.

To activate the “WOMAN” and “ROMANCE” area (SW) in your space try these ideas: Desk: Place a beautiful stone (such as rose quartz) or a beautiful vase in the SW corner of your desk.

You can make a copy of the double happiness symbol and place it on this corner; it’s believed to make married men out of confirmed bachelors.

Add red items in this location, crystal objects (a crystal pendulum clock would be wonderful here!), or red crystal paperweight is also a perfect addition. You will also want to place a copy of the “Double Happiness” symbol here.

Home/Living Room: Make sure the SW sectors of your home and living room have love objects appropriate to the SW corner. This can be a terracotta or porcelain vase, candles, picture of a mountain, such as Ayers Rock, would be especially auspicious.

Bedroom: A CD player with romantic music that you listen to nightly would be wonderful in a SW corner of the bedroom.

Place a lamp in this corner and make sure it stays on at least 3 hours a day. Better still, keep it on the entire day while you are out!

Yard: Place a large boulder or group of boulders here. Or, place a cement bench in this location. You may also wish to put a statue of a couple in this location, or plant some red or pink flowers here.

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