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Feng Shui for Singles: How to Attract New Love to Your Life
by Kathryn Weber

Office: Add a picture here of a mountain (provided it is not directly in front of you), or some other romantic scene that is tasteful. A lamp in this location is also a good idea.

5. Eliminate the old to bring in the new.

If you have pictures of old boyfriends and girlfriends hanging around, then they’re still there! Get rid of the pictures and mementos.

Make sure that you have new sheets, too, to sleep on. Old energy can linger in the bed as well.

One single woman (she was divorced) had pictures of her ex everywhere and wondered why her love life was poor. What man wants to compete with a former boyfriend – or worse, an ex-husband.

6. Employ some “magic.” Some feng shui stems from Chinese folklore and superstition. But if it helps you draw Mr. Right or Ms. Right, who cares, right.

•Rainbows for love.

Hang a crystal in the SW windows. Then, let the sun’s rays shine on the crystal to create rainbows in the SW sector of your house for extra romantic energy in your space.

•Use a magic box.

This is said to draw a spouse to you. Purchase a silver box, either round or square shaped. Write your deepest desires for a spouse on a piece of paper.

Place this box in the SW or NW corner of the house, in a cupboard or out of sight. A square box should be placed in the SW and a round box in the NW.

About the Author:
Kathryn Weber is the publisher of The Red Lotus Letter a FREE weekly feng shui ezine. Log on to www.redlotusletter.com for your free subscription. Copyright 2003 Kathryn Weber. Reprints with permission, attribution, and website link.

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