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Embrace Longevity & Romance with These 10 Feng Shui Secrets

by Vicky White

Your bedroom is the most important room in your home.

It has the greatest effect on your health and well-being.

While you sleep, your energy fields are particularly receptive to the effect of any imbalance in your surroundings.

Feng Shui can help you create an environment where your well-being is enhanced, not compromised.

These secrets will enhance the energy in your bedroom, improving your health and impacting romance in your life.

1. Create A Sanctuary.

 How does your bedroom feel?

Does it nurture your soul?

Remove anything that isn't related to the purpose of the bedroom. It will be creating a conflict of energy.

2. Remove The Television From Your Bedroom

A television will affect your relationships, and also your sleep.

The television is a more vibrant, yang energy, than the yin energy of your bedroom, which can make it a less relaxing environment for sleep.

Also, the television, whether off or on, is emitting electro-magnetic fields which affect your health. (Read more about EMFs below)

3. Position Your Bed

The ideal bed position is as far away from the door as possible, and with a clear view of the door from where you lie.

If you cannot see the door easily, this will set up an unconscious vulnerability that will affect the quality of your sleep.

If it's impossible to see the door, set up a mirror so you can see the door from where you lie.

4. Treat Yourself To The Best Bed For YOU.

Considering you spend a third of your life in bed, it's worth investing in the best bed you can buy.

Try out several until you find one that works for you.

Your bed holds the energy of whoever has slept in it, so buying a new bed is a good way to support a new beginning in your life.

This is especially important after the break up of a long relationship or after a long illness.

5. Remove Mirrors

If you're having trouble sleeping, check the mirrors.

The bigger they are, and the closer to you, the more effect they will have.

In Feng Shui, mirrors are used to increase the energy.

They are not always suitable for bedrooms, where you want a more peaceful energy.

If in doubt - try covering the mirrors at night for a month to see if it makes a difference.

6. Eliminate Sharp Corners Lie on your bed and look around your bedroom.

Do you have corners of walls or furniture pointing towards any part of you as you sleep?

They will be affecting your health, and specifically the part of your body they cut across.

Remedy this by softening the edges. For the corner of a wall, you can hang a spherical crystal from the ceiling, a few inches out from the corner, to disperse this cutting energy.

You could also hang a plant. Soften the edges of a dresser with fabric or by placing a tall plant in front of that corner.

7. Don't Let Clutter Bog You Down!

Clutter affects all areas of your life more than anything else, and your bedroom is no exception.

Clutter in your bedroom will be affecting your health, your relationships and your prosperity.

Clutter prevents the energy from flowing smoothly around your room and in your life.

Clutter is anything unfinished, unused, unresolved, tolerated, disorganized.

This can be physical clutter, and can also be unresolved issues with your partner.

That's one reason why it’s recommended to resolve any differences before you sleep.

8. Get A Fresh Perspective On Your Art Art is a powerful enhancement in creating the life you want.

Is your art saying what you want it to be saying?

If you want to be in a relationship, yet have pictures of single women on your walls, this will not be helping.

If you have an image that’s disturbing in any way, this will be affecting the peaceful environment you need to create rest for your soul

9. Remove All Electrical Items Electro Magnetic Fields from electrical appliances are becoming a worldwide health concern, with studies showing they can contribute to various types of cancers and autoimmune diseases.

A good way to create a space that nurtures your health rather than harms it, is to remove all plug-in clock radios, TVs, answering machines, electric blankets and any other electrical appliances.

At the very least, move them 12 feet away from you and unplug them.

Your long-term health will be affected in direct proportion to the amount of electricity the item uses, how close it is to you, and how long you are exposed to it.

10. Create a nourishing view from your bed What's the view from your bed?

Do you look straight into a bathroom, or worse still, into a toilet with it's lid up?

Keep your bathroom door closed, or create a barrier with a screen.

Make sure what you see when you wake has a sensuous and nurturing feel.

Your health is at the core of your quality of life and your body is your home, while you are here on earth.

By applying these Feng Shui tips, you will be protecting your most precious asset.

What do YOU need to do to, to create an environment that works FOR you rather than against you?

About the Author:  Vicky White is a Certified Feng Shui Consultant and Life Coach who works with clients both locally and internationally. Get your FREE 7-part e-course “Your Secret Weapon: Powerful Feng Shui Tips To Give Your Business The Competitive Edge” at http://www.LifeDesignStrategies.com/