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How to Keep Spice Relationship
by Caterina Christakos

Missed Opportunities

Ladies, I know that there are times when men can be a bit of a pain in the butt.  We want to go out, while they want to watch the game.

We want to go shopping, while they want to work on the yard or take apart the engine of his car. Before you snap your boyfriend's head off though I would like to share an experience of mine with you.

A few months into one of my past relationships I decided that I was in the mood to turn my guy on. I washed my hair until it hung in soft waves down my back.

I put on my favorite garters and my high heeled boots, black lacy panties and black bra that really showed my cleavage. To top it off, all I wore was a fur coat that seemed perfect for the occasion.

I drove to the area where my then boyfriend lived and called him up, only telling him I needed to come over and see him.

He proceeded to tell me that he wanted to work on something in his apartment that night.

I persisted, explaining that it was really important that I see him. He eventually told me that he was waiting for a drill and would have to see me another time. I went home pissed off.

Now logically I know that he had no clue what I had gone through to make the evening one he would never forget. That said, he sat home with his drill, I didn't get drilled and I never offered to re-enact that scenario for him again for the entire year that we stayed together.

My point is that he never knew what I intended and I let my stubborn pride stop us from both enjoying what could have been a great sexual experience. I punished myself as much as I did him by not trying to reschedule.

None of us are always in a good mood and scheduling glitches happen.

Just remember that sometimes we miss out on the best experiences in life because we allow our anger to override our good sense.

About the Author:
Caterina Christakos, Orlando Fl
Written by Caterina Christakos (c)2001 for more writing tips check out: http://www.howtowriteachildrensbook.com


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