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5 Tips To Keep Marital Bliss Alive After You Retire!
by Staci Stallings

Some couples are thrilled to do everything together, while others need and enjoy some time on their own. Allow each other to: 

4.  BE HAPPY. Retirement should be a happy time. It is about doing the things you couldn’t before. This could be anything from sleeping in to traveling to unknown places.

Anything from learning about astrology to helping provide clean water in an undeveloped country. Whenever possible you should support your spouse to live a happy retirement in alignment with his or her personality. Always remember, your partner is just as important as you are.

Many retirees use this time to strengthen their marriage. Previous work distractions and time commitments often lead to stale marriages. Now is the time to create intimacy and secure marital bliss in your sunset years. Get busy and: 

5.  KEEP THE LOVE GOING. Love is not something that you have, it is something that you do. Now that you have more time, be romantic. Plan for romantic dinners, movies, vacations or picnics.

Compliment each other, cherish each other and surprise each other with romantic treats. Take time to talk to each other, communicate your feelings, your fears and your passions.

Make love whenever possible, it is a sure way to create intimacy. Remember love has no expiry date and a loving relationship is your ticket to glorious golden years.

About the Author: 

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