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Regain Romance Sparkle in Your Relationship
by Kali Munro

Give yourself permission to creatively express your love.

You can make a card, a little book of love, coupons s/he redeems with you for a massage, dinner, or whatever you know s/he'd enjoy.

You could write a love poem, sing to her/him, or read an erotic passage out of a book.

Don't be shy; your partner will be touched by the love you put into it.

Consider doing something silly with your lover that you used to do when you first dated, no matter how silly it seems-in fact, the sillier the better.

Take time to enjoy your partner.

Let the dishes and laundry pile up if necessary.

Need some more ideas?

Here's a few:

Surprise your sweetie with tickets to an event you think s/he'd really enjoy. Hide them where s/he'll find them.

Take her/him out on a date where s/he gets to choose whatever s/he wants to do, even if it's something you wouldn't ordinarily want to do (remember to be gracious).

Take turns planning weekly dates, where you take turns deciding what to do.

A date could be a picnic in a park, a drive in the country, a trip to an art gallery, or a movie.

Turn your home into a fine restaurant for one evening. Surprise your lover with a menu, music, candles, a delicious meal, and table service (that's you).

If you're frequently too busy to find time together, make spending time together a priority.

Show your partner that s/he is your priority.

Take a day off from all responsibilities, including the telephone, and just do what you both really want to do.

Be completely spontaneous, and if you can't agree, take turns doing what you both want.

Devote yourself to your partner's wishes for a fixed amount of time. S/he gets to decide whatever s/he wants you to do (assuming you agree to it).

S/he may want to be held, have you read poetry, receive a massage, be understood about something, have you clean the kitchen, or be taken out for coffee.

Taking turns with this can be a lot of fun.

Be playful with each other.

Feed each other with your fingers, stay in bed all day, take a walk in the rain, sing old tunes you both know, or have a pillow fight.

It doesn't matter what you do, just that you have fun again.

Find a time to look deeply and lovingly into your lover's eyes; words are not necessary.

Look at her/his face and see her/his beauty and uniqueness. Tell her/him what you see and feel.

Take the risk to feel the depth of your emotions and to share that with your lover.

At night before you fall asleep, tell her/him something that you love about her/him.

Remember, you're the one who knows what your lover really enjoys. Surprise her/him with something special-don't wait for a birthday or anniversary.

The idea is, no matter what you do, make it special.

These are just a few suggestions to help you regain some of the sparkle in your relationship. Don't be afraid to let your imagination go wild, or to appear silly.

Your partner will enjoy the love and thought you've put into it, and over time you may find your relationship feeling vibrant once more.

About the author: Karlynn shares a positive message every morning on KSAZ 580 AM, entitled "A Thoughtful Moment." She is also a Licensed Professional Counselor in Arizona and a Certified Rehabilitation Counselor. She enjoys life with her husband, David, her three daughters, and two adorable grandsons.

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