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Romantic Tips

Go in the country, at night, and park your car in a field. Put the music in the car.  Let the window open. Bring a blanket and some wine. 

Lie down and try to identify the major stars. Try to identify the stars that are only related to Love (like the Venus star, etc...). Drink wine... kiss....talk...slow dance...    Take three resolutions ( or start with at least one) and keep it.

- make breakfast and eat in bed at least once a month.

- always stop three seconds before leaving to "smooch" each other. This short time makes a difference for both

- get dress in different rooms and see each other only when you are ready for the night out! It will be as a first date.

- Give him or her at least one compliment per week and increase it

- Spray the room with a delicious smell and smooth music.

- Sit with your partner and tell him or her how lucky you are to have him or her in your life and say why. Even if you have said it before. We can never get enough of compliment in a world where everything is criticized, measured, demanding. 

- hold hands.... simply... Passion is a powerful feeling but so fragile. It needs watering all the time like a great beautiful tropical plant.

- When your mate has a hard day at work or has a particular stressful moment, to help ease the pain, and to communicate another way that you think of him or her and that you care, leave a small portion of a song in the voice mail at work (or in the cellular) and leave a short and sweet encouraging or supportive message. This will surely lighten up the day.  For him or her. 

- Do you know why you love your mate?.... Have you neglected lately to praise your partner for the way he or she does things? Well, Tell HIM! or HER!

- A great way to make an impact and be able to release those profound feelings, if you don't feel comfortable enough to say face-to-face, or the moment of intimacy has not presented itself yet, is to write a Note.  Preferably, write a note on a piece of paper of color.

Bright colors are suggested. You can write something really deep as "I love you because of all the difference that you are making in my life" or " I love you because you helped me wash the dishes with me last night giving me more time to relax after" or " I love you because of the way you make me laugh" or " I love you because of the generosity that you show me when we go to my difficult family even when you don't feel like it. You make me happy".

And so on.... There are tons of way to remind your partner ( and yourself) why you are in love. And this helps to keep the Spark! Put that note in the wallet, in the coat pocket, in the car, in the drawer, in a book that he is actually reading, in the morning newspaper, etc....

Both of you will feel in a better mood with each other and will diminish the tension because there is recognition and appreciation. Isn't that what we hear the most complained about when couples around us are breaking up?

- Indulge in a pair of good, comfortable slippers. Put them in the drying machine for 5 minutes and give them to your loved one when he or she arrives from work, let him or she slips in...

- On a rainy day, instead of taking the opportunity to do the errands, do the laundry, cleaning, etc... , take an afternoon nap. Put music on at a low volume and, enjoy yourselves in the stillness of the moment.

- When she goes eat out with her friends, call the restaurant where she is and order, by phone, a bottle of sweat wine, champagne or a fancy dessert and ask the waiter to give it to her with the compliments from you (the love of your life, your teddy bear, anything that represents you other then your name). You ask the waiter to add, ''Wishing you a nice evening'', etc... The impression that you will make on her, and her friends, will be priceless...