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9 Ways to Make Any Restaurant Meal Hot

by Caroline

Being romantic at the restaurant does not require to be overly creative or expensive

Any meal can turn into a romantic night out, whether you're out at afast food, visiting your favorite place or on a picnic.

Here are some ideas to turn your next restaurant meal into a romantic moment, regardless of your budget:

1. Don't spend the night without touching.

Play footsies through the meal.

Caress the top of his/her hand for a few minutes while listening. Do it 2-3 times during the evening. It will electrify him/her

2. Don't eat your dessert by yourself.

Share a dessert--with one fork or one spoon.

3. No critiscm allowed. Spend the whole meal only talking about what you like about each other.

Forbid yourself of saying the following at any time of the night: "Yes, but...."

It is like injecting poison.

You will have plenty of time for that.

4. Do not forget to celebrate your luck.

Toast each other on different reasons for each other. Toast on how great it is to be together tonight. Toast on how great he/she did something in the past week or month.

5. If you are on a lower budget, no excuses to make it not special. It doesn't have to be expensive

Ask for champagne flutes or wine glasses for your iced tea or soft drinks.

6. Use phone, messenger, text, Instagram, etc.....is allowed.

Only in this circumstance; send him/her a text with a sweet or a spicy appreciation

Write it and only press on "Send" once you are at the restaurant.

Then, close your phone. Don't get caught up on scrolling on Facebook.

7. Do some dirty talk when things are a bit ramped up.

If you are not too comfortable, share/describe to your spouse has had done to you in one of your intimate moments that you had really appreciated. It will create a spark.

Don't do this from the get go. It might surprise him/her and it will kill the mood.

8. Surprise him of her with a small gift.

It can be a fancy chocolate bar, a bottle of wine, a fancy food, some kind of tool, or an item that has been worned out and didn't get to buy it yet (like a phone charger that you can get at the shop). It can be inexpensive at all but nicely wrapped.

9. Find on the internet some flirting phrases or words and use them at 3-5 times during the evening to make the heat stronger. It can be the same words or it can be 3-5 different words. You test it and judge according to your spouse's heat buttons.

Try these things.

Creating memories is not only important with your family but with your spouse as well.

It is like nourishing your intimacy bank acount.

About the Author:

Caroline is the owner of this site and shares her ideas from her readings, her own experience and stories from other people.