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Who Took the Romance Out of Dating?
by Susan Dunn

Yes you will eventually get her to bed. Yes he will eventually marry you. In the meantime, remember some of the fundamentals, and have a good time!

1.Flowers, candy, candles, sunsets – add all the beautiful touches

2. Talk romantic.

Read some poetry for some ideas. No woman will complain if you tell her she’s always on your mind and in your heart.

3. If you’re serious, make it a date, pick her up, be on time, and you pay.

If you’re not serious, don’t call me! Meeting her at the theater, or planning to run into her at the club are NOT the same thing.

Go Dutch treat signals either friendship, or confusion, which is worse.

4. Give each other small, meaningful gifts.

Booking a restaurant just for the two of you and filling the room with fresh roses is for movies. Fortunately most of us can’t afford it, because it’s “protesting too much.”

It smacks of low self-esteem.

A single red rose, given with confidence and a deep look into her eyes goes a lot further.

5. Be you, but be the best you. Clean up your car, your stinky socks, your language and your behavior. You know what I mean! If not, read Emily Post or get some coaching.

6. Give your date your full attention. There is nothing we crave more. I’ve asked to be taken home when the guy answered his cell phone at dinner. I’m sure I’m not the only one who has.

7. Use manners.

If you’re the guy, open the door for her, pull out her chair at the restaurant, hold out your arm and usher her into a room. If you’re the woman, let him do this and then show your appreciation.

8. Don’t be easy.

Don’t be easy falling into bed, of course, but also don’t be easy about revealing everything about yourself.

Allow some mystery and some waiting.

It will mean more in the end. We value what is scarce, what is hard to get.

9. If you’re a woman, put him through his traces.

If you don’t expect anything special from him, you won’t get it when dating, and it will be worse once you’re married. Make it clear nothing about you is to be taken for granted.

10.What shouldn’t be taken for granted?

Not who you are, that’s a constant, but I mean the special things you do to honor someone else.

That you open the door for her should never be taken for granted.

That you cook a delicious meal at your home and set a romantic table for him is not your “role,” it’s you being good to him, and should be appreciated.

In sum, it’s about time, and art. Take your time, and also take THE time. Time is our scarcest commodity and how you parcel it out shows what you value.

Give your time and full attention to all the elements of dating and to the person.

And P.S. Keep it up after your married.

About the Author:
©Susan Dunn, MA, Life & EQ Coach, http://www.susandunn.cc . Ms Dunn is a recognized expert in emotional intelligence and offers individual and executive coaching, Internet courses and ebooks for your personal and professional development. She trains and certifies EQ Coaches. for info on this No residency requirement. Email for FREE ezine. Visit ebook library - http://www.webstrategies.cc/ebooklibrary.html

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