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5 Ways Cruise for Free
(How to cruise for free)

2) Win A Cruise: 

Are you lucky?

You can win a cruise free by playing the online sweepstakes.


Another good place to look for cruise specific sweepstakes is:


If you search on the word "cruise" in only this newsgroup then sort by date you should turn up current sweepstakes that you may not find on the other sites. 

Good luck and please send me a postcard from your cruise. 

3) Become A Tour Conductor/Group Leader:

Did you know that for every 15 passengers (8 cabins) the 16th passenger goes for free? So get together 7 couples and get them to join you on a cruise. Not only do you get to go for free, your friends get to go for a group rate. 

How about starting your own business as a Group Leader.

One of the best books on this subject is How to Organize Group Travel for Fun and Profit. There are many organizations in your back yard i.e.: Church Groups, Women's Organizations, Seniors Groups that want to travel together but need someone to organize and lead the trip. That someone could be you.  

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