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Great Travel To Argentina: Tango Your Way Through Temptation 
by Frank Johnson

Global Heritage, National Treasure

The diversity of wildlife and terrain in Argentina is arguably unmatched in South America. Península Valdés is a World Heritage Site on the east coast of the Patagonian region with more visible biodiversity than any other region in Argentina.

Sea lions, penguins, whales, armadillos, guanacos and gray foxes all grace the shores with their regular presence at certain times of the year. Enjoy the pristine quality of surrounding Patagonia, quite possibly the cleanest place on earth.

Farther south, Parque Nacional Los Glaciares (Glacier National Park) is literally an incredibly moving experience. Strategically placed cat-walks and guided tours allow visitors to see the remarkable sliding ice blocks from stable distances, including the gargantuan Perito Moreno Glacier. This also might be the closest you have ever found yourself to the South Pole!

Argentina's unique north-south axis makes for a most dynamic single-county Argentina travel opportunity. Jungles in the far north, glaciers in the deep south, the Incan Andes to the West and just about everything imaginable in between make up just a few reasons why anyone must explore Argentina – not to mention the wildly alive and electrifying epicenter that is the capital city of Buenos Aires.

Don't forget that in the southern hemisphere the seasons are reversed. January is extremely hot in the north, with temperatures exceeding 110F in places. The south is cold, still with the coldest months from May to September


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