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A Quick Visitor's Guide to Saugatuck Michigan
 By Cassie Davis

The ferry is propelled by hand-cranking it along a chain that stretches across the river.

Saugatuck is labeled as a Midwest art center, and you will agree with this label after you explore the numerous art galleries that the area has. Oxbow Summer School in this case deserves a special mention as this school was founded in 1910 and holds an iconic status. The institute has over 20 studios that attract reputed artists from across the world.

If you have a penchant for watching and exploring cultural activities, then you must make it a point to schedule your trip so you can be there for the Chamber Music Series (organized during July and August). If theater is what interests you, then the ideal time to visit Saugatuck is between June and September.

The Details

Once you have picked Saugatuck as your destination, making arrangements is quite easy. Staying at Saugatuck does not pose a problem at all as there are numerous options available. You will also have the opportunity to sample different cuisines from around the world; Saugatuck is not lacking in terms of restaurants!

All in all, Saugatuck, Michigan is a perfect place to take a break from your normal hustle and bustle.

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