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St. Lucia Vacation for a Honeymoon

You can take samples of the source water and put it on your skin. 

Apparently, it's good to cure skin problems.  

Imagine having great skin for your St. Lucia honeymoon!  

If I had known, I would've brought an empty bottle to take some samples. 

Be sure to bring yours.   

I only took a bit to put on my face. 

Tons of people were taking the water in different bottle sizes. 

I have to admit that later that night, my face was radiant. 

It was as if I've never had pimples or sun damage.   

Then we went to be the botanical garden of St. Lucia, where there was a gorgeous waterfall.  Napoleon's wife Josephine donated this garden to the island. 

It was nice and cool, especially after being in the heat and humidity of the volcano.

So far, it is my favorite place in the Caribbean. 

People of St. Lucia are nice.  They are not afraid or hostile to strangers.  They speak English and Creole

Would I recommend going on a honeymoon vacation to St. Lucia?   

Absolutely, if you are looking to relax in a charming environment. 

It’s also a lush island made for outdoor lovers. 

It is easy to get romantic when you are in the environment of such stunning flowers all around. 

The ultimate treat would be to go at Dasheene restaurant; you’ll get an incredible view of the two Pitons.  A dinner for two will cost you around 90$. 

Out of all the islands that I have visited so far, St. Lucia is the most beautiful and romantic of them all.  It is ideal for a honeymoon

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