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Austria Holiday Trip

 by Roger Donovan

Austria is a country that has a number of buildings in its cities and towns, which are remarkable for their architectural splendor.

The buildings include churches, monasteries, fortresses, castles, palaces and museums.

If the buildings keep you awe struck for their magnificent architecture, the snow-capped peaks of the Alps invite you to play with nature.

In Austria you could watch water cascading down in the triple level waterfall at Krimml,

explore the largest ice caves near Salzburg Austria, attend an orchestra in Vienna,

visit the Mozart museum in Salzburg

Mozarthaus Salzburg

and appreciate art and architecture that reach Baroque perfection.

Skiing, the favorite past time of Austrians has resulted in the conversion of villages to skiing resorts.

People from all over the world frequent skiing villages on the Alps.

Austrian skiers rank top in the world and Innsbruck Austria is one of the top ski destinations and the snowboarding capital of Europe. 

Towns like Kitzbuhel are not only visited for skiing purposes but because it has become a party place and a meeting place for the high society.

There is a very popular annual reindeer sled race held in Austria. This race is the best in the Europe.

Austria is a must visit country for the lovers of Mozart's music.

The cycle of musical festivals in Austria is unceasing.

If it's a lavish ball in January, its Shrovetide carnival in February a celebration of return of spring with masks and processions.

Vienna International Festival in June and Slazburg festival in July offer arts and music programs respectively.

Ambassador hotel and Grand Hotel Wien are two five star hotels in Vienna.

Schloss hotel IgIs and Europa Tyrol hotel are the two five star hotels in Innsbruck.

Slazburg doesn't have any five star hotel. But there are a number of 4 star and lower priced hotels to accommodate burgeoning number of tourists.

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