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Beautiful St. Thomas Island


St Thomas Island is a relatively small island, barely 4 miles wide and 13 miles long.

It st. thomas island vacations vacation virginis hilly, with a mountain ridge that runs east to west that divides the island in half (see also Hawaii resorts).

Visitors are drawn to the popular tourist sites, but there’s much more to see on St. Thomas Island .

Historical sites and monuments provide ample reward for those interested in learning more about St Thomas Island.

The busy shopping town of Charlotte Amalie also hosts an excellent museum, as well as the beautiful Emancipation Gardens.

Before setting out to explore St Thomas Island, it is well to understand how the street names work. Stemming from a mixed cultural heritage, the streets are named with both their Dutch and in English versions.

Sunny St. Thomas Islands is busiest between December and April, being a favorite vacation spot for those wishing to escape the gray skies and icy winds of winter in North America. Nearly all cruise lines make a stop at St Thomas Island.

Guided tours are available, both by boat and helicopter, as well as safari tours by bus, making the island as carefree or as adventuresome as the visitor may wish.

There are fewer crowds when summer comes, with the warmer weather, but the rates go down considerably then, making a stay very affordable. St. Thomas Island is about a 4 hour flight from New York City.

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