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The Best Beaches in California 
   by Christopher Neal Fannin

Fishing, surfing and campfires are allowed, and there are many coastal trails above the beach for hikers to explore.

7. Black Sands Beach at Shelter Cove

Black Sand beach, California
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This splendid black sand beach is a great place for Whale watching. Located north of the small hamlet of Shelter Cove in a remote region of the "Lost Coast", it's the trailhead for the famous King Range hike.

This is a day only beach, so campers will have to head for the mountains.

8. La Jolla's Beaches

La Jolla beach, California
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La Jolla means "the jewel," a fitting name for the precious beaches of La Jolla's coast.

Surfers prefer Windansea beach, harbor seals love the Children's Pool, La Jolla Shores is popular for swimming and sunbathing, while the Cove is a favorite snorkeling spot.

9. Drake's Beach

Drake's beach, California
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This vast stretch of white sand can be found at the Point Reyes National Seashore.

The areas strong winds and choppy seas make it at little too violent for most swimmers, but sun worshippers will be delighted by the opportunity to work on their tans in a beautiful California outdoor hotspot.

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