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Contemplating Taking a Cruise? Here are Some Myths and Facts

Navigator has an outdoor area for teen parties with music and food service. Fuel is the teen disco, complete with dance floor and Internet Café. Teens also can hang out at The Living Room....or play games in the video arcade.  

Baby-sitting is available.

Overall, we give Navigator of the Seas an 8 (out of a possible perfect 10). We think Navigator is a great for honeymooners, couples and families and especially for groups. There's plenty of room and lots to do for everyone.

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What Singles Should Know About Taking a Cruise 

Singles are underrepresented on cruises, but unless meeting someone is the sole purpose of your vacation, a cruise can be your best choice if you keep these things in mind.  

The Carnival line is the only cruise line that offers a "singles" rate. The others offer you, but you have to take a stranger for a roomy, or pay double. (Did I miss something? Is that a singles rate?) 

Some of the cruise lines (Radisson, Costa, Cunard) offer gentleman dance hosts. If you're a single male, you travel for pennies and it's your "job" to meet and dance with the single women on the ship, 8 pm to 1 am nightly.

If you're female, there are 4-5 men aboard, proficient in waltz, rumba, jitterbug, cha cha, polka, and congenial conversation who are "on call" every night to dance with you. 

Choose a large table for dining. It will water down the effect of any uncongenial dining companions. Ask to change tables if you need to. If you like the day activities, take the late seating. If you're hot for the night-life, take the early seating. 

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