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Fantastic Cruise Deals Abound at the Last Minute

Start watching about two months before your vacation, and check back often – special discounts are snapped up quickly. Be flexible – if you can shift your travel dates by a few days one way or the other you may be able to save even more.

Be adventurous – if you see a fabulous deal on an exotic cruise to someplace you’ve never thought of but that sounds intriguing – go for it! This is the time to use the savings to invest in broadening your horizons.

Online is the best and quickest way to stay informed – the Internet constantly updates information on cruise deals as cruise lines post available openings.

Know what you’re looking for – there are so many kinds of cruises now available with different themes that it can be confusing. If you and your husband are going, don’t bother looking at singles cruises – the savings isn’t worth being surrounded by singles.

But a cruise geared toward honeymooners might put a bit of spark back in your marriage, especially if you’re looking for an anniversary getaway!

Theme Cruises are the New Trend in Packaged Cruise Deals

You can find some great savings on theme cruises, a new trend for people with special interests or hobbies.

Because these cruises cater to very specific tastes, the price of open spots can drop more quickly when they are discounted because they realize the chances of filling the spots may not be as high as for a general cruise.

So if you’re interested in a last minute cruise and also happen to be a food and wine connoisseur, you may be able to find a drastically discounted price on a Wine Tasting or Chef’s Taste of Cultures cruise, combining two interests and saving money at thesame time.


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