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Where to go in United States for Golf Vacations

Let us take a look at the top ultimate golf vacations destinations in the US.  Climate plays a vital role in making a place golf-friendly.

Arizona with top golf facilities in cities such as Scottsdale golf courses and Phoenix is one of the premier golfing destinations in the country, if not the world. Located mostly in the desert, this state has temperatures ranging from 100-110 degrees in summer and the humidity is very low.

This is the time golfers make a beeline to Arizona. There are golfing requirements with different amenities and prices are thus varied.

The other advantage in visiting Arizona in summer is that the place is less crowded and hotel rooms are available at discounted rates. In winter, however, with the dry air conditions and sunshine, Arizona is very conducive for golf-playing.

California Golf Vacations

California is another attractive destination for golf aficionados with Palm Springs, christened by many experts as the -golfing capital of the world-, being the major destination.

Located close to Long Beach are the highly rated Orange County golf courses created by renowned designers such as Tom Fazio, Ted Robinson and so on. With both of these vacation destinations, California is unquestionably a golfer's paradise.

Florida Golf Vacations

Apart from the beautiful beaches, Florida also has some ofthe most beautiful golf courses in the United States. Coupled with sunny weather, golfing in Florida is pleasant.

Orlando features the best golf courses in the state. Theother places which have golf facilities are Daytona Beach,Jacksonville and Destin etc. Las Vegas is not only home to nightclubs and casinos, butpeople who know their game of golf head toward this city.

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