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Hawaii cruise vacations is the best way to visit the Hawaii Islands. It is convenient to visit different spots without having to pack and unpack.

There are four main islands in Hawaii: Oahu, Hawaii, Maui and Kauai. You can easily visit those islands with different cruise companies mainly with Royal Caribbean, Celebrity, Princess or Norwegian star. You will find a variety of prices for Hawaii cruise vacations.

On that cruise, you can visit Pearl Harbor. In Hawaii, Pearl Harbour was attacked by the Japanese during the Second World War II, on December 7th 1941. This surprise attack spurred the USA to go to War.

Hawaii cruise vacations is a great option to get married on the cruise ship or by the sea. You have the wedding service, the honeymoon and the cruise food. Imagine your wedding being worry free in an enchanting Hawaii environment.

Hawaii has luxurious vegetation. The volcanic soil gives a spectacular view. From Diamond Head, Honolulu, the view is the most breathtaking.

In those vacations, different water sports are possible. There are sandy beaches to snorkel, scuba diving, canoeing, sun bathing or  day sail in Kauai. Ahhh! what a great vacation moment in Hawaii!  This is possible when using a cruise company line.

Hawaii is spectacular with its cliffs and rainbows near waterfalls with an helicopter tour. Hawaii cruise vacation is ideal when you don't want to worry about budget.

You have the option of 7 days Hawaii cruise vacations, 12 days or 15 days cruise. There are also some 25-30 days cruise packages available. For a little bit more adventure in your vacations, you can walk in the dormant Hawaii Volcanoes moonlike landscapes.

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