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Honeymoon Hot Destinations
by Heather Greene


Whether it's hitting the beach at the French Rivera or seeing Paris from the Eiffel Tower, France offers a great deal of romance.

For history buffs, Château de Versailles is said to be the most opulent palace in the world and the Louvre contains some of the world's most famous artwork.

The vineyards of Bordeaux and the French Alps are terrific options for couples looking for a more serene scene.


London, England

London city offers the cosmopolitan couple almost everything they could want in a honeymoon destination-- culture, history, scenery, and a kicking nightlife.

Westminster Abby, Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, and the Houses of Parliament are must sees.

Impossibly romantic!


Prague, Czech Republic

A piece of the Old World in modern Europe, Prague is an exotic and deeply historical city.

This is the place where Mozart lived (the movie Amadeus really was primarily shot in Prague) and is famous for it's hundreds of spires.

Romantic ideas include visiting the Prague castles and taking your own dinghie for a row at night on the Vltava.

River Vltava, Prague

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