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London - One of the Greatest Cities in the World
by Ellanel Gohou


London is a metropolitan city. It is popular for a number of reasons. It is the capital of England. As England is a major power in the West, London assumes importance.

It is also a major tourist center. Most of the tourists congregate in central London. West End is in Central London. In West End you will find a number of theaters, shopping malls, watering holes and dining places etc. The Westminster is close from here.

It abounds in Royal Palaces, the Royal Borough and the famous Hyde Park where different cultural events unfold and political parties meet. The Globe Theatre is another important place. The Piccadilly Circus ranks among the busiest places in the world.

The London Tower Bridge is a famous attraction in London trip. It has two leaves or bascules. The bascules rise by 80 degrees to let river traffic to pass through.

East End is another popular suburb. East End houses immigrants from Asia, Africa, the Caribbean Islands and other European countries. The population in East End is mostly working class. All these diverse cultures make London truly metropolitan.

There are five airports in London. Of these Heathrow is the main international airport. It is one of the busiest airports in the world. Traveling from London to Paris has become easy after the opening of the Channel-Tunnel for traffic.

The double-decker is the trade mark of London and it lends charm to the downtown London. London has one of the busiest suburban, underground train network known as the 'tube'. It also qualifies as the finest underground train network

As far as football is concerned, this country of soccer lovers has eleven professional football clubs in London city.  Wembley stadium has played host to a number of international soccer tournaments.

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