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The Right Path to a Marvelous Mexican Honeymoon 
 by Ann Lile

What are your favorite "hidden gems" of Mexico?

My personal favorites are the colonial cities of Mexico.

These cities offer a tremendous amount of history, culture, architecture, a great climate, and a taste of the real Mexico.

Built back in the 1500's near the silver mines, these cities offer many small, intimate properties for vacationers of all kinds.

Highly recommended places to stay are the Quinta Real properties in Huatulco or Aguascalientes, which will give the traveler an intimate experience that combines the true flavor of Old Mexico with a historical feel.

Where can we expect to get the most for our money?

All-inclusive resorts will give you the most for your money. 

Most Mexican vacation packages will include all meals, drinks, and non-motorized activities available.

The Colonial Cities of Mexico (including Aguascalientes, Guanajuato, Guadalajara, San Miguel de Allende, Zacatecas and Merida) are also good value, giving the traveler a cultural/historical experience similar to Europe, only at a much better price

About the Author:
Ann Lile, one of the top Mexico travel specialists at TheBigDay Travel, gives the inside scoop on Mexico travel in the following interview.

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