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What you must see in Egypt for your vacations

Egypt is the land of mummies & mystery, grand wonders of ancient architecture & beautiful landscapes.

There are more things to do & see in Egypt than you could accomplish in one visit.

Below, you will find a few fun facts about the best places to see in wonderful Egypt.


Considered the heart of Egypt & home to the world’s two largest religions, Christianity & Islam. Cairo is one of the largest cities in the world & has something for just about anyone.

Visit the Must see in Egypt Great pyramid of Giza, the giant Spinx or tons of museums, but if you want a quiet romantic moment, have dinner at the Nile Lily.

must see in Egypt

A new restaurant affords a wonderful open-air garden where you can eat & enjoy the winding Nile River.

Do yourself a favor & try one of the traditional Egyptian dishes like Melokhya.

This is a traditional soup made from melokhya, a green leafy vegetable, & served with rice, meat or bread.


Luxor was once known as Thebes, ancient city of the god Amon-Ra, it was the capital city of Egypt.

Filled with history & tradition it is quite a site to see.

must see in Egypt

There are many museums such as Museum of Mummification that aims to inform people on the techniques used in the ancient art of mummification.

No trip is complete without visiting the Luxor Temple, it is really quite breathtaking and a favorite for Hollywood movies.

Valley of Kings

Right across the Nile from Luxor lays the Valley of the Kings, a burial site that dates back to 1539 BC. Tombs were built there until around 1075 BC; altogether, there are 63 constructed tombs.

Although it is called the Valley of Kings, there are many nobles & their families buried there also.

It is most advisable to go in the autumn or winter months since summer in the tombs can be quite uncomfortable.


As a must see in Egypt attraction, you will find Aswan does not disappoint.

Tombs of ancient kings share the landscape with 7th century monasteries & islands to explore.

The monastery of St. Simeon stood until 1173 when Saladin destroyed it.

The fortresses like walls still stand as well as many of the inner rooms.

Grab a camel & experience the sites such as these that typify Egypt.

must see in Egypt

After traveling through history & beauty of Egypt, do not miss the beaches along the Red Sea.

A startling blue body of water that boasts world class diving sites & the largest concentration of exotic aquatic life anywhere.

Snorkel, dive or just laze away the hours on warm sandy beaches.

Feel the history of Nuweiba beach, the site of the biblical Red Sea crossing.

Finally, when you are done slashing around in the warm waters of the Red Sea take a trip out to the Sinai Desert.

Do not forget your guide as you would not want a 40-year vacation!

You might think there would be little to see in a desert but this is a must see in Egypt!

Endless sands hide wonderful oasis that will take you back to biblical times; you might call it time travel on a camel.

Wherever you go on your Egyptian vacation, the ancient history & mystery of this land makes the perfect backdrop for a romantic get away.

Enjoy the land that must have captivated many a star-crossed lover in the tradition of Cleopatra & Marc Anthony.

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