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Pictures of Egyptian Pyramids

I have selected a few great pictures of Egyptian Pyramids.

pictures of egyptian pyramids Red pyramid and Bent pyramid

Contrary to popular belief, the pyramids were built by Egyptians and not slaves.

They were conceived by brilliant architect in collaboration with priest to be in line with the sky's constellations.

It is believed that at the time, the pyramids were build by the river of the Nile River; the river must have been flooded up the there.

They are about 16 sites and more than 93 pyramids.

They have different forms that define each kingdom ruler.

They were used as tomb.

It was a privilege at BC era, to be buried in a pyramid.

They are located south of Cairo, the capital of Egypt. And the three great pyramids of Giza are the most popular;


First pictures of egyptian pyramids Djoser - Saqqara

It is the first pyramid tomb.

Previous to that, pharaohs were buried in rectangular tombs.

This one was built by the architect Imhotep who later became the god of architects and doctors.

Pyramid of Djoser

Evidence shows that this site was visited by tourists and pilgrims as early as 2040 BC.


Next pyramid - Meidum - Meidum

It's been build for Huni, the heir of Sneferu, the last pharaoh of the 3rd Dynasty.

It is surnamed the ''collapsed pyramid'' because of the outer layer who started to collapsed, leaving exposed the core of the building.



Next pyramid - Bent pyramid - Dahsur

It is the first shaped pyramid designed instead of the step pyramid of the previous era.

It gets its name from the bent shape it has. The builders wanted to avoid a collapse.

There are two entries. It is the best preserved.

Bent Pyramid at Dashur

The cost is for £e10 including North Pyramid entry; additional £e5 to use your camera and £e25 to use your video recorder


Next pyramid - Red pyramid - Dahsur

That one is the first ''true pyramid''.

It has the largest base.

Notice the color the pictures of Egyptian pyramids below.

It is one of the few pyramids whose interior is open to visitors.

Dahshur | Red Pyramid

That pyramid hasn't always been red. The white Tura limestone used to cover it.

They used those stone to build some of the buildings in Cairo exposing the reddish limestone.

Next pyramid - Great pyramid - Giza

This one is the largest and the oldest of the 3 great pyramids of Giza.

It contains around 2.3 million of stone blocks.

It has been estimated that a block has been set every 2.5 minutes.

The Great Pyramid Giza

It is one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancien World. It has been built as a tomb for the pharaoh Khufu, member of the fourth dynasty.

Great Pyramid Lazer Show

It is the only pyramid who has both descending and ascending passages.


Next pictures of egyptian pyramids - Khafre - Giza

Khafre is the third ruler of the 4th Dynasty.

He is the god Horus.

Khafre & Sphinx

The Sphinx's face is a portrait of the king Khafre.

Its primary role is to be a guardian.

The Arabs surname the Sphinx as the ''Father of terror''.

It's been damaged by the French occupation around de 1800 and weathered by the elements.

Numerous mysteries surrond the Sphinx.

The disappearance of the nose of the Sphinx has been blamed on Napoleon's troops for a long time.

However, an Arab historian of the 15th century states that it has already been gone in his time.

The Sphinx has also been consider being an Oracle & seems to have been weathered not by sand and winds but by water (?).

Some archeologist thinks that the ancestors of the genius of the Egyptians and the Sphinx itself might be coming from the lost continent, The Atlantis.


Next pyramid - Menkhaure - Giza

As you can see in the pictures of egyptian pyramids below, it's the smallest of the three great pyramids.

Menkhaure, to the left

Menkhaure died unexpectedly.

Because his pyramid was made out of granit instead of limestone like the other ones, his complexed and expensive plans were abandoned.

In the 1800, when they discovered his sarcophagus, they shipped it to England for archeological analysis.

On the way, the ship sank in the Mediterranean, taking with it the body of Menkhaure.


Next pyramid - Pepi II - Saqqara

After Menkhaure, the pyramids were built on a smaller scale.

You'll notice it's small shape in the pictures of egyptian pyramids below.

The reign of Pepi II lasted 94 years. It was the longest reign.

His reign was disturbed by conflicts with foreign nations and famine.

Pyramid of Pepi II, Saqqara

It was the first site where texts were found.

It had a impact on what we call today Egyptology.

Author: Caroline T. - owner of this site

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