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Plan Wedding and Honeymoon

Generally, all of these items should be carefully itemized and an actual cost should be obtained from the service providers.

Your budget fro each service or product should be include to help guide you and/or your wedding consultants.

From this list you can determine things like the size of your guest list, bridal party and reception, cake and amount you can actually allocate to each specific area.

A good example is: if you are purchasing a wedding gown and accessories which can easily run into $1,500 or more and your budget is $600, you can opt to rent a gown and accessory which typically at the high end is around $400.

Knowing where you would like to host your wedding and the type of wedding you want is also very essential. Many people typically choose a traditional wedding (religious).

These can go into many different cultures i.e. African, Jewish, Islamic, Irish etc.

Different types of weddings typically carry varying price tags depending on the culture and how complex the ceremony or extravagant it is.

Honeymoons can be a another costly expense. Honeymoons can extend from that drive to another state to the extended Bahamas vacation or Caribbean cruise.

Many companies are now incorporating wedding and honeymoon packages in their vacation packages.

This has its upside and downside. Marriage laws also vary from country to country.

June typically is noted as the wedding month.

So, expect costs to be higher.

However travel this and hotel charges during this time of the year to many destinations including the Bahamas may be less expensive.

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