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How to Organize a Romantic Picnic for Two
 By Anne Clarke

A picnic is, perhaps, one of the most romantic types of dates.

The best thing is, a romantic picnic can be as inexpensive (or as expensive) as you want it to be.

If you are looking to impress a date, then take him or her on a picnic.

To make sure that your picnic is ideal, follow these few picnic tips:

Where should you have your romantic picnic?

Of course, depending on where you live, you will have different options. These picnic places are ordered from best to... least best:

·Tuscany, Italy (alright, so a picnic in Tuscany might be a bit more expensive than you can afford (after all, airfare is not included along with the napkins in an ordinary picnic basket), but it would be nice, wouldn’t it?)

 · The beach
 · The mountains
 · The park
· Outdoor theater
 · Your backyard
 · On the floor in front of a fireplace
 · On the floor in front of the deli section at your local grocery store
 What should you bring to eat on your picnic?

·If you are trying to impress your date, it is best to make the food yourself, and you better make it in advance. Your date will appreciate the forethought.

·Think of food items that do not need to hot, like cold pasta salads, vegetables and dips, fruits, olives, cheese and crackers, sandwiches,and other food. It is possible to bring hot food if you properly insulate it.

· Wine. You can even find nice plastic wine “glasses” to take on your picnic so that you do not need to worry about breaking them. For a more casual picnic, bring along beer. Or, if you do not want to have alcohol, a nice sparkling juice will do.

· Water. No matter what other drink you bring, also bring water (especially if you have to trek a little ways to your picnic spot or if you set your blanket out in the sun).

 · Dessert. Do not forget the dessert! There is nothing more romantic than sitting outside, sharing a slice of chocolate cake.


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