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St Lucia Things To Do

Here are suggestions on St Lucia things to do.

St Lucia is a luxury destination but you can get away by getting there with a cruise vessel.

It is located south of the popular destination Island like Cuba, Dominican Republic or the British Virgin Islands

st lucia location map
St Lucia location map

Some facts

St Lucia was first discovered by the French and gained by war to the English.

It is now an independent country member of the British Commonwealth.

The currency is the East Caribbean dollar.

The capital is Castries.

Treetop Canopy Adventure

From tree to tree in the Rain Forest, live an exhilarating experience that will fill your lungs with great fun and oxygen.

That activity allows ziplining through the forest. 

It is a safe and open-air aerial trams. You will admire wildlife and plants of that wonderful volcanic soil forest.

st lucia sky canopy & aerial tram
St Lucia sky canopy & aerial tram

It is probably the best way to see, smell, and feel St Lucia Rain Forest.

Be prepared to climb lots of stairs to get there.

Hydrate ahead of time.

And oh yes, if you are afraid of heights....not recommended.

Even though it is safe and the guides know what they are doing.

The longest of their 12 lines is 800ft.

Don't forget to roar like Tarzan!

The Pitons

What is Saint Lucia best known for
What is Saint Lucia best known for: The Pitons - www.101holidays.co.uk

They are the principal landmark of the Island.

They have been declared by the UNESCO World's heritage.

It is mainly due to the majestic aura of them.

That is where the movie Superman has been shot.

You may hike on the Gross Piton and the Petit Piton.

On the Gross Piton, you have the trail En Bas Saut Waterfall.

It leads to a waterfall and a natural pool.

It's a much appreciated reward after an effort.

The view is better at the top of the Petit Piton, the climb is easier then the Gross Piton, and that ride doesn't require a mandatory guide.

Jalousie Beach - St Lucia

Pitons St Lucia

This white-sanded beach sits right at the foot of the majestic Pitons.

The white sand was imported.

It is a perfect stop after visiting the Volcano.

You will also find an amazing snorkeling activity at Jalousie's.

The sand is so soft that you won't need to rent the chairs that guides will offer you.

Island Riders

That horseback riding popular spot is in Gros Islet.

The horses are well taken care of and friendly.

Bano is renowned for being very entertaining and friendly guide.

Pigeon Island, Rodney Bay, St Lucia

The ride is relaxing and entertaining.

If you are in need of a romantic sensation, take the ride at the sunset.

You will be stunned with the beauty of the sun's reflection on the sea waters.

After that, take a break and have a drink; tasting the local Piton beer is another St Lucia things to do.

Diamond Botanical Gardens

There is a good variety of beautiful tropical flowers and rare plants.

Diamond Botanical Garden

You might even photograph a hummingbird's nest.

Plants and flowers are labeled throughout your ride.

A guide is an option if you are somewhat knowledgeable in the botanic.

After your visit, you have the option to soak into a relaxing mineral bath to treat your skin beautifully.

At the end, there is a beautiful small waterfall very soothing.

You will leave the garden with a calmer feeling.

The sounds of running water throughout your walk contribute to that state of mind.

Sulphur Springs

That enormous volcano, La Soufriere, has crater where you can walk and drive in. It is an extinct volcano.

There are black boiling waters spraying sulfur in the air. That is why it smells like rotten eggs.

You have the option to take a black mud bath for 5$ usd.

The best muds are near the banks.

It will leave your skin rejuvenated and smooth.

Some people have reported their skin remaining still soft after 2 weeks.

Bring old clothes (or an old bathing suit) because the mud will stick.

And bring sufficient water for yourself.

It is to your best advantage to hire a taxi driver to get you there AND to get you back.

Be prepared not to get car sick because there are many winding roads and that could kill your trip mood.

Hurricane Thomas in 2010 has damaged some of the roads.

Yachting in Saint Lucia

Rodney Bay Marina and Marigot Bay are Saint Lucia's two popular marinas.

rodney bay marina 6am

You can charter a yacht and navigate through the calm Caribbean seas at West or dynamic Atlantic sea at East.

If you are sailing south, you will pass through the Grenadines

There is the annual St Lucia Regatta held in January, in Rodney Bay.

That St Lucia things to do event attracts sailboats from all over the world.

Nightlife in St Lucia

Most of the resorts and hotels have some kind of nightlife throughout the Island.

But if you want to nightlife of the Island, it is mostly happening in Rodney Bay and the town of Gros Islet.

You have a choice between:

The Pulse nightclub

Upper Level for live entertainment

Mango's bar, hot spot

Delirius deli style restaurant that turns hot as it gets dark

Happy Day bar where you'll get 2 drinks for the price of 1

Jambre de Bois for jazz lovers

The Loft for a little privacy and/or romance

There are many more St Lucia things to do; jungle bike, sea fishing, scuba diving with electric blue fish and bright yellow fish and silver fish, snorkeling, dolphin watching, hiking through the clouds of the Pitons and much more.

Enjoy the stunning video on the following page:



Author: Caroline, owner of this site.


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