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A Personal Sweden Top 10 Tourist Attractions
by Marc A. De Jong

Ask Sweden fans what's their favorite Sweden top 10 spot in and most will say there are too many to mention.

On one thing they will agree: besides the beautiful capital Stockholm, the country's main attraction is its landscape.


Stockholm, Sweden DSC_4786

But there's more.

Sweden is one of Europe's best kept secrets. The country has so much to offer.

Besides, it's very affordable nowadays and the climate is much better than most people think. Just to give you an idea what to see I made a Sweden top 10 of tourist attractions

Here they are - in no particular order.



Stockholm has it all: unique location, great architecture, historical sights, famous museums, huge parks, a vibrant nightlife, trendy shops – and an archipelago of 24,000 islands just around the corner.

It's a remarkably clean and safe city as well. If you haven’t seen Stockholm, you haven’t seen Sweden.

Stockholm by Night



Speaking of tourist attractions in Sweden, one wouldn’t expect to think of beaches. But there are beaches in Sweden.

Some of the best are found on the Baltic island of Gotland, which is popular among Swedes and attracts thousands of visitors every summer.

sweden nature attractions

The walled medieval town of Visby is an attraction on its own.


Lake Siljan

Found in the heart of Dalarna, central Sweden, this lake is the center of folklore and tradition. Dalarna is a popular holiday destination in summer.

Lake Siljan - Rattvik-6 (The second morning, around 11:30 AM)

Thousands of Swedes visit Leksand every year to see the midsummer pole set up.

The nearby town of Rättvik is famous for its folk dancing. Also worth a visit is the bear park in Orsa.


Mining has always had a special attraction.

Mines make some of the most exciting tourist attractions in Sweden. Three are worth a visit.

The copper mine of Falun, Dalarna (now on the World Heritage List), and the iron-ore mines of Kiruna & Gällivare in Lapland.

You can book a guided tour & go down yourself.

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