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Sweep Her Off Her Feet with a Last Minute Cruise
by Lori Wilkerson

Seafood and tasty local fare are inexpensive, exotic indulgences for both of you to share. Spend the afternoon wrapped up together in a hammock swinging in a tropical breeze under palm trees and you’ll realize that a last minute cruise may be the greatest getaway you can give your loved one – what’s more romantic than an unexpected, grand gesture wrapped in warm, salt breezes and golden sunsets and delivered in ultimate luxury?

Trying something you’ve never done before can be a powerful bonding experience, and any cruise vacation provides the ultimate choice of new activities to try. Snorkeling, parasailing, windsurfing, rock climbing and scuba are just a few activities that you could try as a couple that will become cherished memories.

How do I pull off a last minute cruise surprise?

Check out the destinations, rates and departures for several different cruises, and then get ready to move quickly.

Booking last minute cruises can net you big vacation discounts, but the spaces available fill up quickly, so you should get in the mindset that you need to make a decision fairly quickly if you spot the perfect trip.

There are a few things you’ll want to take care of before you spring your romantic surprise on her so that she won’t have to spend the few weeks leading up to her departure worrying. Once you have a few dates picked out, put them on hold if possible and start making some phone calls:

- Contact her boss and explain that you would like to arrange a few of her vacation days if possible. Explain that it is a surprise and ask him or her to keep the secret.

- Talk to her best friend to find out if any appointments are necessary. Will she want a pedicure a few days before leaving? Set one up.

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