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Sweep Her Off Her Feet with a Last Minute Cruise
by Lori Wilkerson

- Let her parents in on the secret as well, but swear them to secrecy, too.

- Arrange for any pet care needed, including boarding of dogs or cats if necessary.

- If you have children, make the arrangements for them to stay with their grandparents or friends and swear them to secrecy. This will be the toughest sell – kids have trouble with big secrets, but try!

- Check her date book – if she has made any appointments or plans that will need to be rearranged, call and explain that you are planning a surprise trip, and that she may be calling later to cancel at the last minute.

This will soften the news when she does call later to cancel her appointments.

- Get ready for some romantic days and nights on your last minute cruise that you won’t soon forget!

About the Author:
Lori Wilkerson is a full-time freelance writer who loves her job because it gives her the opportunity to learn more about the world every day. Right now, she knows a little bit about almost everything, and a lot about cruise discounts, and cruise deals. Lori once led a Conga line to the tune, "Hot, Hot, Hot," throughout an entire cruise ship sailing to Nassau. Discount Cruise

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