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Travel Tips Holiday Season
 By Jennifer Jordan 

Ah, holiday travel.

The packed airplanes, the crowded airports, the high ticket prices: there’s nothing quite like traveling in December to make you long for January.

From waiting in a long security line to having your luggage filled with the Christmas presents for your new in-laws delivered to Ohio as you land in Oklahoma, traveling over the holidays can be a real pain.

It's the season to go crazy.

However, holiday travel doesn’t have to be a nightmare.

With a few tips and a little effort, things may go smoother than you thought possible.

So, put your tray tables up and heed the following advice on traveling during December.

Be Nice to Airport Employees

As soon as you enter an airport, democratic values fly out the window; here, the airport employees have absolute power.

It may be easy to get angry with them - you’re already running late and you don’t have time to wait - but keep in mind that they are doing the best they can: they want you up in the air and out of their hair as much as you do.

Being nice and courteous to an airport employee or being rude and unfair could mean the difference between an upgrade and a cavity search.

Fly During Odd Hours

The holidays are the busiest time of the year for airports: everyone has somewhere to go.

While there is no way around this fact, there is a way around the majority of the crowds: fly during non peak hours.

Flying very early or very late may seen a bit inconvenient, as you could arrive at your destination in the middle of the night, but it will save you so much hustle and bustle that it might just be worth it.

The tickets will probably be cheaper too.

Bring a Book or Ten

One of the things that is most stressed at the airport during the holidays is patience: there will definitely be waiting involved.

While some people pass this time by tapping their fingers on escalator railings, glancing at their watches, and growing increasingly agitated, one of the best ways to practice patience is with a new book.

You’ll still have to wait, but with something to engage you, you just might not mind as much.

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