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Attract Dream Relationship
by Arvind Devalia

2. Review with truth and with accuracy on how you've behaved in previous relationships.

Since by definition you are single, your past relationships have not worked out for whatever reason.

And like it or not, that makes you at least 50% responsible for them not working out.

Get clarity on what you contributed to those relationships not working out.

Be kind to yourself as you do this. Do not make it an excuse to beat your self up all over again.


3. Review your beliefs about relationships.

What do you think should happen at different stages – from courtship to living together?

What are your entrenched beliefs about the opposite sex?

For example, from your cultural heritage, what are the expected roles and duties of a partner?


4. Get clear about what you want in a relationship.

Make the fulfillment of your short term and long term needs the criteria for choosing a partner.

Don't make the list long. Otherwise no one will be good enough for you. You'll be single longer.

Just make it precise.

Determine what are the must haves (shorter list) and the nice to have (longer list)


5. Define and get clear about your ideal relationship and partner.

Be realistic, and ask what your needs are rather than your wants.

What must your relationship have?

What are the absolute essentials for you to thrive?


6. Socialize and have fun so as to create a varied, rich life and to be part of a healthy supportive community, and to enhance your life.

You will therefore focus not so much on meeting your partner and more on creating a rich vibrant life, one which will be so attractive to a potentially dream catch.

Most people usually socialize in various ways so as to meet their dream partner, and by simply having fun and enjoying your life you become so much more attractive.

Make your life work and make room for your ideal partner.

Once you have your life working for you, and you are happy, you will indeed attract the right partner.

Remember, you deserve the best.

And that includes a dream relationship and the ideal partner.

Don’t accept second best.

Get clear about what you want in your life partner and why – and you can have it.

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