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Back in the Dating Scene?
by Marie Clare

There is no point giving someone all your personal information and after the first face to face met you feel this person is not for you.

And yes, this does happen.

Sometimes those we met face to face may not be quite the same as when we conversed online and therefore you may decide he is not for you.

Simply arrange for a place and time to meet and take your own transportation there and back home. Never let your date pick you up at home, and always tell someone where you are going, who you are with and when they should expect you home.

Listen to your intuitions!

Your gut feeling is always right, and you'll know when the time is right to give out more personal information. Also, an other great tool is doing a background check. This will tell you of any criminal or marriage records.

If you do find someone special enough to spend time with someone who can love your children too - Yes, you are part of a package deal Remember, you and your kids. Start slowly having your children spend time with the two of you together.

Any action you take is going to affect their lives as well. So they'll need to be happy with your new friend also. You'll need to be up front with them, on a level they can understand for their age group.

Just listen to your heart; you'll know when it's the right time to introduce your friend to your kids. Don't spend time with anyone who can't love your children too.

As I said earlier you are part of a package deal.

For any long-term Relationship or even marriage it's you and your kids

Good Luck

Marie Clare

About the Author:
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