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Dating Safe Fun Way

by Becky Mentyra

Dating. Smiles all over.

If you really had to go through lot of tribulations, this adds spice to the humor. 

They become stories which the family loves to laugh about at dinner.

However, if you want a hassle-free date, you need to sort out your priorities first. 

To get the maximum out of your date, you need to plan it well.

A safe approach is not to try out too many things.

There are no binding principles on dating.

Still some facts would help enhance your excitement and also reduce the possibility of dating a wrong prospect.

1) First, conduct a telephonic conversation.

Generally, meeting through ads and online, invites undesirable elements.

Therefore, invest time over the phone to reach a level of surety about your prospective date.

This saves time you would have otherwise wasted on a blind date.

2) Certain inquiries regarding their type and place of work,their residence and most importantly, their marital status is mandatory.

They may sound highly mundane but these actually helpin creating a better understanding.

3) Your first date should be absolutely simple. You should restrict it to something between one to three hours.

Learn more on what to do on a first date.

It will save you the awkwardness of spending time when things do not seem to be working out between you.

It will also save you the embarrassment of ending the date so soon. What he thinks after you sleep with him.

4) Be careful about the place for your date.

It should be convenient spot for both of you.

It should not be very formal nor too informal.

A cool location where you can talk, hear and understand each other.

5) Leave contact details of your date with a close friend.

It should be done by both the parties as it is to do with your safety and security.

Disaster never comes in knocking, it simply barges in.  

6) Remember to go Dutch on the expenses of the first date so that no one has to bear the financial obligation alone.

You will have ample opportunity to show your chivalry if things work out favorably.

7) The word dating, years later, evokes nostalgia as each date brings you closer to someone with whom you would like to spend the rest of your life.

So stop pondering over these guidelines.

Get going!

About the Author:
Becky Mentyra is the dating specialist & webmaster of http://www.umdating.com which is a resource for singles looking for their life partner. Visit her site for more dating tips, articles and advice: http://www.umdating.com