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Dating Tips Shy Women
by Terry MacDonald

Take mental notes for those great dating tips shy women.

Dating can be an absolute nightmare for a shy woman.

You want to meet the right person, but you're too scared to do anything about it.

Introductions—sticking out one's hand & looking another person in the eye—can be terrifying for the shy woman.

The brain locks up as you scramble to think of something relevant to say.

You fall apart as soon as you're asked what you do for a living. You stammer.

The heat rises in your face & under your arms. You're suddenly incapable of forming a grammatical sentence.

You think to yourself, "Why would anyone care about me? I'm really not that interesting!"

Fear not.

Many shy people have succeeded in meeting new people & forming lasting, happy relationships.

With a little practice, you can too.

Here are some dating tips shy women for taming your social terror.

1. Prepare a pitch. The question, "So, Sally, what do you do for a living?" is bound to come up, so have a ready answer.

No need to brag about capturing the company Tidy Break room Award; just state clearly what you do for a living & don't apologize for it!

2. Ask questions.

People love to talk about themselves (okay, except for people like you), so ask questions.

Come up with a list before you leave the house, i.e., How did you get into that line of work? Where did you go to school? Have you seen the new Brad Pitt movie?

And so on.

3. When you fumble, turn the subject to the other person.

Whenever you find yourself longing to throw a blanket over your head & crawl off, try saying something like "And what about you?"

4. Listen to what the other person is saying!

This is important. Instead of fretting about what you'll say next, still the wheels of your mind & listen.

If a man tells you about his weekend of the golf vacation, and you know absolutely nothing about golf courses, just ask him what he likes about it, how he got into it, etc.

5. Smile.

People respond well to people who smile. No need to grin like an idiot, but a disarming smile will get 'em every time.

Smiling conveys friendliness & approachability. Show teeth whenever possible. Avoid looking like a figure at a wax museum by practicing in a mirror before you leave the house.

6. Breathe.

Whenever you feel your heart racing, breathe deeply & slowly. If you really start to feel uncomfortable (your face has become so hot you could use it for a wok), excuse yourself & go to the restroom.

7. Compliment the other person.

Sincerity is key, so find something you like & mention it. You may be freaked out by the idea of complimenting a man on his soulful eyes, so mention his watch, suit, tie, or even his shoes. (best dating tips shy women - you are stroking his masculine ego...)

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